An authentic + family-centred approach to keeping your books.

An authentic + family-centred approach to keeping your books.

- minus the fear factor. 

Bookkeeping Coach for Women and Mums in business.

Women and Mums in business who are avoiding their bookkeeping because they are scared or overwhelmed.

Hello, ladies! 

Welcome to My Bookkeeping Coach – the place that’s going to kick your financial fears to the curb.

My name is Kimberley, and I am a business owner, accountant, bookkeeper, wife, and, above all, a mother. With over 15 years in the game, I have streamlined my skills to create a bookkeeping system that works for women and mums.

Sound divine? We’re here to help.

1. My Bookkeeping Consult

A 1:1 training session to get your problems solved.

From beginners to seasoned business owner, My Bookkeeping Consult is for women who want to seriously up their game when it comes to DIY bookkeeping and love to work 1:1. From setting up your Xero file, to sorting out errors you might have, or reviewing last quarters BAS together, these sessions are tailored to meet your needs, no matter what stage you are at.

So, be prepared to remove the dreaded BAS day stress, and spend more time with your family!

We’re here for you at any stage of business. 

2. My Bookkeeping Bootcamp

A community of mums and women in business supporting each other in their bookkeeping journey.

My Bookkeeping Bootcamp is a membership for mums and women in business who want to stop avoiding their bookkeeping and get serious about their financial success and get the ongoing support of a coach and community to back you.

This membership is for business owners who are already using Xero, but find that they are overwhelmed with the processes and need some direction. You will learn what to do, when to do it and how to do it, all while keeping a system that is flexible and can work around you, your business and most importantly your family.

So, what exactly do we teach and give you?

  • How to use Xero accounting software – bookkeeping & accounting from head to toe
  • GST compliance: how to charge & claim correctly
  • Bookkeeping planning & basic skills
  • The My Bookkeeping Bootcamp online community
  • My Bookkeeping Bootcamp downloadable online resources and unlimited access to video library
  • Technical and compliance support 

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