An authentic + family-centred approach to keeping your books.

An authentic + family-centred approach to keeping your books.

- minus the fear factor. 

Bookkeeping Coach for Women and Mums in business.

Women and Mums in business who are avoiding their bookkeeping because they are scared or overwhelmed.

Hello, ladies! 

Welcome to My Bookkeeping Coach – the place that’s going to kick your financial fears to the curb.

My name is Kimberley, and I am a business owner, accountant, bookkeeper, wife, and, above all, a mother. With over 15 years in the game, I have streamlined my skills to create a bookkeeping system that works for women and mums.

Sound divine? We’re here to help.

1. My Bookkeeping Club

Do you find yourself wanting to grasp the fundamentals of financial management?

Discover My Bookkeeping Club, a straightforward digital platform designed for mastering Xero and Basic bookkeeping effortlessly. Cultivate excellent bookkeeping habits to avoid the stress of BAS Day. Presented by Kim Rodney, the owner and founder of My Bookkeeping Coach, our weekly seminars are conducted as Zoom meetings, providing continuous support from Kim throughout the learning journey.

Ready for more family time and to conquer financial fears in your business? My Bookkeeping Coach has your stress-free financial journey covered.

We’re here for you at any stage of business. 

2. Get the Free Guide to Streamlining your Bookkeeping

Just 10 steps away from more time away from the office. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

It’s perfectly reasonable to crave more time outside the office. Imagine more quality time with your little ones. Allow yourself more moments for self-care – after all, a happier you means a happier family (you know, the whole “happy wife, happy life” saying?) Or, perhaps, more time to invest in that brilliant idea brewing in your mind. None of these aspirations are indulgent. After all, no one’s giving out gold stars for being the most overworked mom.

Hey, I'm Kimberley

Owner and founder of My Bookkeeping Coach – welcome to the club! Come inside.