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Are you ready to start the New Financial Year off with a plan and system that will have your bookkeeping done with ease?

My Bookkeeping Bootcamp will take you from overwhelm and avoiding your bookkeeping to achieving bookkeeping bliss.

Do you feel like you’re never staying on top of your bookkeeping - like it’s an endless hurdle that you can’t seem to rid yourself of?

Do you want to say goodbye to late nights, endless paperwork, lost receipts, and shoeboxes full of endless transactions?

Trust me – I get it. I have met every single type of individual trying to manage their finances – and you’re not alone in the struggle. I have helped business owners all over Australia flip their money matters from overwhelm to profit in just a few short weeks.

And I want you to be next!

So, tell me...Which one of these are you right now?



You look at that pile of paperwork and walk right on by. You probably do all of your bookkeeping at once, only meeting deadlines by the skin of your teeth.



Change to Xero they said. It will be easy they said. Bank reconciling, bills, paperwork, BAS, GST, PAYG…does this make your head spin?


Time Poor

Do you always say “I will get to it next week” and never do? You always promise yourself next quarter I will be more organised…and then you get there and it’s just another job that gets pushed back.

If you find yourself saying YES to any of these and haven't been able to overcome or solve the never ending cycle of avoidance, overwhelm and procrastination, then My Bookkeeping Bootcamp is for you.

My Bookkeeping Bootcamp will empower you to:


Put as many of your day-to-day financial systems on automation, taking the money stress off of your plate.


Digitise your documents and create financial literacy so you UNDERSTAND your numbers.


Create financial strategies that are targeted towards a profit-based solution – always.


Remove the complication from finance and only work on what is necessary for YOU – it isn’t supposed to be hard!


Stick with the times – optimise your biz to have cloud-based solutions that work for you.


Save yourself money in the long run – not having the right systems in place costs you time & money – My Bookkeeping Bootcamp is the right elixir to set you up for success.

Doors open for a limited time.

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My Bookkeeping Bootcamp is for you if:


You are in business in Australia and do your bookkeeping, but maybe you are just winging it, and not quite sure if you are doing it right.


You want to change over accounting software or you want to start using Xero, but just not quite sure where to start & what to do.


You need someone to keep you accountable – a trusted, experienced mentor who can be your cheerleader and give you the skills to turn your biz into bookkeeping bliss.


You are sick of piles of paperwork and want to be able to access your records anywhere, anytime (*dreamy!*). You love the idea of a paperless office – but it’s all a bit scary!

But also...


You are sick of avoiding the work and don’t want to spend days at a time in front of your computer, punching in data the night before the BAS is due.


You feel like you never have enough time and you’re overwhelmed when it comes to what you should be doing and how you should be doing it.


You aren’t quite sure if you are reporting your GST obligations correctly or keeping the right records – and you certainly aren’t prepared if the ATO comes knocking.


You are prepared to get up early – yes, Bootcamp Style, to learn and implement your training.

Ready to see what’s inside? Follow me!

What is all included when you join MBB:

🎉 4x Weekly Live training sessions, where I will take you through step by step on what you need to do to set up and follow My Bookkeeping System and implement your paperless office.

🎉 2x Bonus Coaching Sessions where you can ask questions or get feedback on your bookkeeping and business.

🎉 1x Get ready for Start of the Financial Year implementation session.

🎉 My Bookkeeping Bootcamp Community – a brand new Facebook group where you can ask questions and support other business owners like you, get to where you need to be.

BONUSES: Let’s talk Extra’s!


If you’re not using Xero yet – a bonus recorded training “Getting Started with Xero” (delivered straight to your inbox as soon as you sign up).


1x Group Q & A session dedicated to helping you with the Xero Basics
and a Xero Subscription discount code.


A Copy of My Bookkeeping Planner – with checklists and tasks to do each week. So you know what to do and when to do it.


Personalised bonus trainings on all things bookkeeping and Xero based on your questions.

AND on top of all of that:

Individual coaching via Voxer to answer all of your private and personal bookkeeping and business questions, 5 days a week for the duration of the entire course!

Doors are only open for a limited time.

My Bookkeeping Bootcamp

One payment only of $290.

For one payment of $290 you will have all of the training and systems in place to get you to bookkeeping bliss!

We've got A's for your Q's:

Yes…The bonus training that you will receive AS SOON AS YOU JOIN UP will get you through the setup and basic functions of Xero before we start any live training.

Yes. The system I teach for keeping on top of your paperwork can be used in retail, ecommerce, agribusiness, consulting and service providers and many more.

With over 15 years experience in accounting and tax, I have been using Xero almost as long. I am a registered BAS Agent and Certified Xero Advisor. This means I have done HOURS AND HOURS of training, and must keep up to date with the most recent changes in GST legislation and Xero updates to keep those qualifications.

First off – lets get you out of that mindset of ‘not good at numbers’. By the end of the bootcamp, you will have the tools and guides to get the job done.

As the name suggests – This is a bootcamp. The training sessions will be run in the early morning…possibly 6:00am. But don’t worry, they will be saved and available to replay in your own time if you can’t make the live sessions.

That’s ok…you can still join the bootcamp. While you won’t need to do the setup stage, I would still encourage you to come along to the Bootcamp training everyday…remember, it’s about consistency and setting a plan.

There will be plenty of time during the training days to ask questions. The days will run slowly so you can follow along in real time to setup and learn the system.

Feel free to send me a DM or get in contact via my email

Meet Your Mentor :

Hi! My name is Kimberley Rodney, and I am a business owner, accountant, bookkeeper, wife, and above all - a mother.

With over 15 years in the game, I have streamlined my skills to create a bookkeeping system that works for women, by women. 

I am here to offer you a service that is going to give you financial freedom, and that valuable time back with your family that cannot be wasted. I am here to keep you accountable and supported, with an incredible amount of resources and an abundant community at your fingertips. 

Talk soon! 


Doors open for a limited time.

Join the waitlist to be notified when they do!

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Doors open for a limited time from 18 – 27th of May. Join the waitlist to be notified.